Why I started Sasquatch Camping

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Why I started Sasquatch Camping

It all started around August 2015. Throughout my youth I have always come up with some way to earn money on the side, whether it was selling phone cases through trademe, chocolate to classmates, and entering as many competitions as I could. Last year I wanted to start something new. Something BIG. So I decided to get a small loan of a million dollars, or in other words sell my beloved motorbike, withdrawal my life savings, and thanks to my dad, receive a small loan to help kick start Sasquatch Camping.

When the idea first started, I was to exclusively sell my hammocks on amazon.com in the USA. To target the market over there, with some help, the name Sasquatch submerged. You can visit my amazon store here. This is when Sasquatch Camping was born.

I have been pretty successful selling over in the united states of America, and thought of more ways I could sell my hammocks. I took a sample hammock I had received down to a local park to relax for a while. I had a family approach me who were interested in the hammock, and asked me where they could get one. This was a catalyst for me selling the hammocks in NZ. So I decided to import a bunch of hammocks here, and create this awesome website!

It has now been over a year since my first launch and we are still going strong. Working on this business has taught me so much. 2016 has been an existing ride for both the business and myself. I will keep working on sasquatch camping, tweaking things here and there to push forward. And even though I may not be the best writer, like anything I strive for I will try my best and improve.

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