Summer is coming!

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Summer is coming!

Ah, the joys of summer in New Zealand. Adventuring to many beaches across NZ’s coastline, travelling to small summer batches, enjoying a cold beer with e few friends in the evening. Whatever it is you decide to get up to this summer, remember that everything is impermanent, so enjoy while it lasts!

This summer I am going to take my camping hammock everywhere with me, as I believe it should be an essential part of your summer kit. I would like to list the many benefits you can receive from a hammock this summer!

First of all, our hammocks are super portable and easy to set up. This will allow you to travel freely with your hammock, without the hassles that, for example, a tent or portable chair will give you.

Secondly, if you are like me, the sun can get too intense to stay in all day. After all, NZ’s o-zone layer is gone. Having a hammock handy is perfect if you want to relax in the shade, as you will find many places you can hang the hammock are also shaded from the trees braches overhead. Don’t worry about damaging the bark, our straps are tree friendly!

Lastly, for the serious campers, you can sleep in the hammock overnight! You may be off put, as like me you were once a tent camper. For many the benefits of a hammock in summer outweigh the hassles of a tent. Nothing compares to the time it takes to set up and take down the hammock. The sleeping position is somewhat different than sleeping in a tent, it almost feels as if you are floating. If you would like to know the optimal sleeping position for our hammocks, check our past blogs. Lastly, and definitely my favourite benefit of sleeping in a hammock vs tent over summer, you do not get blasted with the heat waves from the sun while in the tent. Instead you have a nice cool breeze over your body, and wake up feeling refreshed!

Hopefully this quick post has inspired you to go out any enjoy this summer. I urge you to explore this beautiful country we call New Zealand!

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