Best day hikes in Auckland

Best day hikes in Auckland

Auckland is a unique city in which you can travel to town, the beach, outdoor hikes and up dormant volcanoes! The one thing I enjoy is the amount of walks you can access that are not too far from the city center. In this blog post I will list my favorite walks in Auckland, which are all perfect for bringing your camping hammocks to relax and munch on some food.

One of my all time favorite walks is located between Muriwai and Waitakere, it is called the Goldies bush walkway. This is an easy walk, with various tracks you can explore, ranging from 45 mins to 4-5 Hours! There is an amazing waterfall that takes 20 minutes to walk to, in which there is a viewing platform from up top, and a pathway leading down to the waterfall, which you can stand under for a nice refreshing shower. I would recommend to bring a nice pair of synthetic hiking boots, especially if it has been raining within the past few days.

 Another fantastic hike that many forget is right across the harbor is Rangitoto Island. To access you have to catch the ferry from the ferry terminal in Auckland City, which takes roughly 40 minutes. Upon arrival you find yourself walking across scoria, from the eruption somewhat 600 years ago. The walk itself is easy, takes roughly 2 hours return at a slow pace. I would recommend taking a good camera and lunch along with you. Rangitoto Island is definitely one to consider.

On the topic of islands, there is one I highly recommend to every single person reading this, Tiritiri Matangi Island. This island is a wildlife sanctuary with an abundance of native birds and trees to view. It is quite a mission to get to, but once you are there it is well worth it. One thing I really enjoyed was watching the Tuis in massive pohutakawa trees, and also seeing the Takahe, once thought to be extinct. The island is predator and pest free, so double check everything you take with you, you don't want any stowaways tagging along on your trip. The island is the perfect day trip destination for nature lovers and families.

If you wish to head to the beach, the Bethells beach walkway is one I recommend. Located 45 mins from Auckland, the track follows coastal cliffs and is rutted and steep in sections. The walk takes about 1.5 hours return to the car. There are many tuis among the vibrant harakeke throughout the walk. You get superb views of lagoons, dunes and the west coast surf down to O’Neill's Bay, where you can return along Bethells Beach. There is also a nice little cafe I recommend after your hike for a little much. 

These walks are only a handful of the hundreds of hikes available to us in Auckland. Please always remember to only bring back memories with you, we want to keep New Zealand as clean as we can, so others can enjoy the beauty of our country.

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